Meet our Teachers

Denise Cavaliere 500 RYT



Denise Cavaliere (Founder) has lived in South Florida for 38 years.  She began practicing yoga nineteen years ago and gravitated mostly towards Bikram Yoga.  After becoming a stay at home mother of two boys 12 years ago she developed a self practice in the convenience of her home.  

Denise realized her dream of becoming a yoga instructor through the teacher training program at Native Yoga Center in 2012.  Practicing and teaching Ashtanga Vinyas inspired her to delve much deeper into the philosophy and many layers of yoga.  She went on to complete her 500hr certification in 2015.  She is committed to a lifetime study of the traditions of yoga and all that it encompasses. Denise has found that the connection to and transformation of her students has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life, second only to her family.  

Elizabeth Klimuc 500 RYT



Elizabeth Klimuc is a 500 hour RYT Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher. Originally from New Jersey, Elizabeth moved to South Florida in 2008.  Having always been interested in health and fitness, she was initially drawn to yoga for the physical challenge and benefits the practice presented but quickly discovered that benefits of yoga reached far beyond the mat.  Not only did the practice keep her body healthy to continue the sports she loves; paddle boarding, kite surfing and Crossfit, but yoga transformed her internally as well.
Having practiced and studied with teachers that changed her life and touched her spirit, she was inspired to become a certified teacher in April of 2017 and completed her 500 hours at Native Yoga in November of 2018, wishing to pay it forward and share the joy that the practice has brought to her life. 

Kathy Chiarello 200 RYT


  Kathy’s yoga journey began in 2010 and instantly fell in love with the physical aspect of the practice. It was not long after that she felt the positive energy and clarity that yoga had to offer. After 30 years in the corporate work environment at she decided to get Certified so she could share the healing benefits with others. Kathy received her 200 Hour training in 2017 at Little Ocean Yoga under the guidance of Caroline Wybar and Lizzy Moore. Kathy has also completed Yoga Anatomy TT level 200 and participated in Trauma Informed Outreach Training with The Connection Coalition. Kathy learns something new whenever she spends time on her mat and loves to share her knowledge with her students. She believes as with her own practice.   When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. -Buddha

Heidi Rocke 200 RYT


As  a Licensed Acupuncturist and Yoga Alliance Certified instructor with over 10 years' experience, I have explored both ancient wisdom and modern research in the mechanics of movement and the interdependence of mind and body. My formal training is in Vinyasa with a strong foundation in Ashtanga. I teach Yin Yoga, Mindfulness, Sculpt, Basics, and Vinyasa to all levels, including athletes, the injured, and the elderly. Presented as a moving meditation, my classes offer the space to experience the present moment with curiosity and without expectation; to challenge habitual notions and try new ones on for size. Classes focus on the unity of mind and body and highlight the intention of the posture rather than the depth. "It is the work of the yoga to bend to the student." With consistent, compassionate, mindful practice, depth will come. 

Amy Albury 200 RYT


Amy has been teaching at Shanti since the doors opened in 2016.

She had the privilege to do her teacher training with Denise at  Native Yoga Center of Juno Beach in 2012; earning her 200 hour certificate.     Since then she has earned her personal trainer certificate and has certificates with Connected Warriors and Silver Sneakers.

She knows firsthand that with a consistent and disciplined practice of exercise and yoga that the body will respond accordingly.  Learning the skills needed in yoga, the engaging and letting go of muscles, the non-attachment, the patience with the inner self… has benefited her not only on the mat but reaches out into her every day existence.

Teaching is absolutely an honor for Amy.   She believes her students are her teacher.  Yoga like life is a journey…love yourself well.

Jennifer Baez 200 RYT


  A spiritual awakening in 2006 led Jennifer to discover yoga. Impressed by how much lighter she felt at the end of class than she had felt when she walked in, she decided to delve deeper into the study of yoga. Jennifer realized that yoga is a lifestyle that brings balance and provides many tools to help us rise above the obstacles we are faced with in everyday life. In 2013, Jennifer received her 200RYT from So-Yoga in Miami, FL. She became a certified Kids Yoga Teacher in 2014 and in 2016 Jennifer studied Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson-Lasater. Jennifer’s commitment to growth and healing has led her to complement her studies by participating in various workshops and trainings in other healing disciplines, including Reiki  and Sound Healing.