Shanti Yoga Shala is preparing to   reopen on Monday June 1st. The health and well-being of our community   continues to be our number one priority! The following health and safety   procedures will be strictly followed and enforced:

  • We kindly request that you  wear a face mask/covering upon arrival until you are on your mat and  again for dismissal. Although we greatly miss one another, Namaskar        greetings (hands at heart) are safer than hugs for now.  Also, conversations are encouraged outside in the breezeway area and are  limited inside of lobby and practice room. Please be courteous of others  in our peaceful setting.
  •  All clients entering the  studio are required to sign the updated liability waiver.
  • Please use the white  cubicles to store your shoes and your keys. 
  • During class the front and  back door will remain propped open with a secure barrier to prevent anyone from entering. The fresh air flowing though the room is ideal.  Ceiling fans won't be used for now.
  • Please use the bathroom  and change your clothing at home/at your place of work. The studio  bathroom will be open, but you minimize your risk when you avoid high  touch surface areas. All floors, surface areas and bathrooms will be cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant between classes.
  • A maximum of 7 clients per class in the studio. Mats must be aligned with the new lines on the  floor to ensure social distancing (6ft in all directions).
  • Clients must bring their  own mat and props. You may also bring your own hand sanitizer and wipes.    Please limit personal property brought into the studio. Lock your        personal items in your car. Minimizing these items will aid us in a more  efficient sanitizing and cleaning process between classes.
  • All blankets, straps,   bolsters, blocks have been stored away and will not be available until  further notice. We will  have blocks and straps available for purchase. We will offer used and   sanitized blocks & straps for $5.00 each and new blocks for $10  each. 
  • Your teacher will lead  class from their mat. Classes will be led with verbal instruction only.  No hands on assists will be offered at this time.


All cancellations for classes must be 24 hours before class  begins. There will be a cancellation charge of $15 for no show to members or  a loss of a class if you have a pass. This is vital to our staying on budget   and will be closely monitored. Please DO NOT come to class if you  are exhibiting any signs of illness, including allergies. If you live with or have been exposed to someone who is sick, please be responsible and  wait 14 days to resume in-studio classes.  If you are sick and/or not feeling  well to practice in our group setting, no deduction will be made from your account. In this case you must contact US directly before or directly after class via email or phone call.